File Manager Plugin For WordPress

Last Updated: September 29, 2021
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File Manager Plugin For WordPress

Easy in imitation of makes use of WordPress File Manager plugin, as permits the users according to view, make then effect files between the WordPress folder and its sub-folders. It has easy or based interface yet may stay effortlessly chronic even via beginners. It has Windows-styled GUI, connection bill (right click on menu) shortcuts then picture editing capabilities.

Other Features

  • Ban Access in imitation of Specified Users.
  • Enable/Disable File Manager.
  • Auto Folder Creation For All Users.
  • Icons because of most important file for consideration types, or thumbnails for images.
  • Supports conceit editing (crop, rotate, resize).
  • Admin can put in access permissions (Read/Write) because of exclusive users.
  • Admin perform embark folder permissions because distinctive users.
  • Drag and Drop Support.
  • Cut/Copy/Paste Support.
  • Upload Files / Create Files.
  • Create Archives (Zip, Tar, BZip, GZip).
  • Text File Editing.
  • Icons / List Views.
  • Right-Click Menus.
  • Admin may exhibit the file for consideration manager within the front-end of the internet site the use of a short-code (more important points into the documentation), solely visible in accordance with the customers anybody have authority because it.

100% Original File

All items and themes 100% original under General Public Licenses.

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