Modal Login Register Forgotten WordPress Plugin

Last Updated: October 5, 2021
Product ID: 50932


Add modal login, register, forgotten password types in accordance with your WordPress site, customize current user sake email, guard determination including Google reCAPTCHA or more.


  • Registration Google reCAPTCHA
  • Allow customers in conformity with employ their personal password all through registration
  • Allow users in conformity with entering theirs preceding or remaining name throughout the registration
  • Set redirects URL after login, logout, or registration
  • Customize latter consumer tie e-mail template
  • Set titles and subtitles because of login or tie forms
  • Customize the appearance or feel with color pickers
  • Translation Ready All our products are transfer geared up using the Poedit tool including instructions in bundled documentation.
  • Regular Product Updates Modal Login Plugin is stored above to persimmon along with the contemporary WordPress versions

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