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Last Updated: September 30, 2021
Product ID: 49742

Rankie – WordPress position tracker is a WordPress term outline plugin so much wish to help you music WordPress rankings concerning Google retaining a close outlook regarding every keyword position.

As a WordPress rank tracker plugin WordPress Rankie pleasure update keywords job positions day by day and create husky reports. it additionally incorporates a muscular lookup device that generates precious keyword lists Googlers are already use after search.

Key Features over WordPress Rank Tracker

Track WordPress ranking of Google

Rankie executes tune key phrases ranking about Google then preserve updating this ranks daily and it manufactory as much a WordPress SERP plugin.

Generate ranking reviews

Rankie do grow ranking reports per month, per 12 months then via whole age letting ye recognize whether the ranking is going? on or down with small print over each single role alternate because of every tracked keyword. As a WordPress appointment reporter, It also allows downloading these reports so PDF.

Keyword research device

Rankie is no longer only a WordPress SERP tracker plugin but additionally integrates a muscular keyword lookup tool that generates substantial lists regarding treasured keywords ye can target.

These keywords are generated by means of enchanting Google hints for thy distinctive keyword through appending entire language characters some through some according to the foremost keyword.

Auto music searched key phrases

If anyone visited your WordPress by way of a Google inquire yet Google provided to us by way of the keyword the visitor searched since the plugin is able to assemble it keyword after the dashboard for tracking.

4 unique methods because of locating positions

The wordpress term tracker grant 4 extraordinary techniques in accordance with select beyond for site finding the position of Google because of keywords.

Google Directly: inquire Google directly for the preceding one hundred results because of thy keyword then take a look at the position
Google Custom Search API: usage the authentic Google customized search API in conformity with fetch up in conformity with one hundred consequences then test the position
Google by means of F-secure.com: get right of entry to Google through f-secure.com according to get over in imitation of one hundred results
Google by way of kproxy.com proxy: uses the kproxy.com in accordance with getting right of entry to Google above in imitation of preceding 100 results

Daily report email

Plugin be able send you a day by day electronic mail along every position change of condition upon or down .

Ranking grap for each key-word

Plugin documents unique ranking archives then give birth to a ranking sketch because every keyword wight tracked .

Easy filtering

The wordpress position tracker plugin enable Keywords tracked in imitation of stay rapidly filtered by site,group yet by way of enquire term .

Proxy guide

as a wordpress google position plugin Rankie can usage proxies so having access to Google for search.

Detailed assignment log

The wordpress appointment determinant stores each singular work done via the plugin.

100% Original File

All items and themes 100% original under General Public Licenses.

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