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Last Updated: September 24, 2021
Product ID: 47702

The Ultimate WordPress Menu

UberMenu™ is a user-friendly, notably customizable, soft-hearted Mega Menu WordPress plugin. It works out concerning the field with the WordPress three Menu System, make that easy in conformity with reach started but robust enough in conformity with creating rather personalized or innovative mega bill configurations.

  • Fully Responsive
  • Mega or Flyout Submenus
  • Compatible with Mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, or Android
  • Touch-enabled
  • Build advanced submenu layouts with the formed among column grid system

Easy in accordance with the use

  • Rapidly increase Mega Menus beside your pages, posts, custom links, and anybody content!
  • Works overseas about the container along with close WordPress 3 Menu-Enabled Themes
  • Integrates immediately with the WordPress three Menu Management System – job including the system up to expectation ye know then love!

Fully Configurable

  • Dropdown CSS3 Transitions
  • Shift Up, Slide Down, Fade, and None
  • Trigger Hover, Hover Intent, and Click
  • Includes 25 popular Google Fonts
  • Vertical or Horizontal menus
  • Multiple UberMenus can stay configured independently

Responsive & Mobile

  • Responsive layout
  • Configurable Breakpoint
  • Unified Touch Experience throughout OSes (includes touch help because iOS, Android, yet Windows 8 )
  • Optional submenu shut buttons concerning touch
  • Independently placeable understanding toggle
  • Hide objects for distinctive dignity sizes

Tabbed Submenus

  • Tabs can keep oriented left, right, top, yet bottom regarding content material panels
  • Click, Hover, or Hover Intent be able be configured independently beyond the fundamental trigger
  • Static and Dynamic content

Easy to Customize

  • Tweak bill colors, sizes, and fonts together with the Customizer’s Live Preview
  • Customize unaccompanied menu items’ styles appropriate out of the Menu Item Settings
  • Simplified CSS selectors accomplish composition customized styles a breeze
  • Includes LESS stylesheets for developers

Advanced Content

  • Images
  • Descriptions
  • Posts Grid
  • Search bar
  • Shortcodes
  • Widgets
  • Google Maps
  • Contact Forms (with Contact Form 7 plugin)
  • Custom HTML
  • Tabbed content

Dynamic Items

  • Generate objects out of put up yet time period content
  • Works together with Posts, Pages, and Custom Post Types
  • Works with Categories, Terms, or Custom Taxonomies
  • Filter results via type, term, parent/ancestor, author, etc
  • Set most results, type order
  • Automatically heir featured images
  • Automatically divide consequences into columns

Advanced Submenu Layouts

  • Built-in compassionate grid
  • Individually configure the stutterer of each column, and employ non-existence because each submenu
  • Columns wrapper to group multiple items
  • Row gadgets permit centering concerning submenu contents
  • Set history pics because each submenu
  • Optional scrollable submenus because prolonged content


  • Automatic integration because topics as associate the requirements
  • Manual integration code generated of the Control Panel because of themes up to expectation functionate no longer assist automatic integration
  • Includes UberMenu harm to area UberMenu among your theme’s widgetized areas
  • UberMenu Shortcode approves placement inside website online content material (generator included)


  • shiftnav Mobile Menu
  • Bellows Accordion Menu
  • Menu Management Enhancer
  • Menu Swapper


  • Independently deny set off over every bill item
  • Scroll-to-section functionality
  • PHP & Javascript API because developers


  • WordPress 3.9+
  • Use regarding the WordPress 3 Menu System
  • For Automatic Integration, a theme to that amount meets the Requirements
  • jQuery 1.11+ (any website walking WordPress 3.9+ ought to lie the use of this)


  • UberMenu will no longer automatically adopt the fashion about thy theme unless the topic has an UberMenu-specific stylesheet. You’ll necessity after customizing the styles of you own in accordance with amusing that proviso that’s as ye want
  • If your object has not accurately implemented WordPress three Menus, UberMenu can also no longer action abroad about the container due in imitation of thrusting beyond the theme. You do accumulate it in conformity with your website including a tier about articles via Manual Integration. See Will UberMenu assignment with my theme?

Mobile Menu Alternatives

UberMenu is wholly compassionate and affords its very own cell menu. However, proviso you’d as to separate your a cellular menu from UberMenu, we provide an arbitrary solution as complements thy UberMenu installation:

100% Original File

All items and themes 100% original under General Public Licenses.

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