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Last Updated: September 25, 2021
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Are ye looking for a course in conformity with fulfilling money including thy Ultimate Member Community / Membership? Look no further! Purchase UMS, the low-priced Ultimate Member development for WooCommerce subscriptions.

How much works? UMS creates current WooCommerce products for membership plans, primarily based on WP user roles. UM-SWITCHER is the ideal solution for a large audience up to expectation desires in conformity with make money including a Membership / Community website.

  • Theme then Plugin authors so much provide paid support.
  • Freelancer website, sell subscriptions because get right of entry to counsel details.
  • Jobsites, promote get entry to to touch small print and more.
  • Consulting sites, sell access according to counsel important points or more.
  • Video websites, assign access in accordance with video’s because a restrained time. (even 15 min.)
  • Model website, sell subscriptions because of get right of entry to after portfolio + touch details.
  • Sell subscriptions for you White papers or service.
  • And deep more.. The possibilities are endless.

Ultimate Member WordPress Plugin

Create you personal on-line Free community with the World’s near popular Community & User Profile WordPress Plugin. The plugin is accessible for broad beyond the wordpress.org repository. UM is one on the just expert membership plugins over the market today.

Powered by WooCommerce

Um-switcher is powered through Woocommerce, the superior and fair e-commerce solution. Create your um-switcher product then sell your subscriptions within simply minutes.

Feature List

  • Create protractor products: days, hours or too minutes.
  • Create memberships along fixed End persimmon (new feature considering 2.0)
  • Send email reminders, the consummate marketing Tool according to increase re-subscriptions.
  • Restrict thy UM custom fields primarily based regarding person roles.
  • Restrict pages, post, menu items and custom outline fields.
  • Sell your um-switcher production easy by means of WooCommerce.
  • UMS manufacture button customizable according to your personal liking (new characteristic considering the fact that 2.1)
  • Email template included, or usage you third party plugin.
  • Easily create a cronjob because of unerring sending reminders (easy feature since 2.1)
  • 5 minutes setup, convenient set up assist available
  • Re-direct choice since checkout (new feature considering the fact that 2.1)
  • Change guide protractor begin or stop persimmon (new function due to the fact 2.1)

Alternative because routine payment

We have designed UM-Switcher except the want regarding using an self ordinary charge issuer like PayPal yet Stripe. We didn’t necessity in imitation of uses those for 2 reasons:

1. We want in imitation of provide a greater patron friendly road for re-subscribing. Therefore we determined according to assemble the Email reminder regulation instead. When a client‘s collection is touching in conformity with expire, the system sends an e-mail over autopilot along with link according to you moon page. You have aggregation freedom, then blended including a cut price coupon ye choice have a full-size marketing tool.

The thought: Happy and faithful subscribers preserve approach returned barring the necessity concerning an self recurring payment plan. Our personal experience is to that amount it’s an disturbing method on maintaining members. Some on you choice jar and that’s great too.

2. With PayPal it’s no longer 100% guaranteed that you come you money. Even afterwards 6 months chargebacks are possible. And, there is naught thou be able functionate in regard to it or your money desire keep gone forever.


To usage that extension ye bear in accordance with set up the accordant WordPress plugins, each are fair available beside thine WordPress Plugin Dashboard.

  • Ultimate member (free)
  • Woocommerce (free)

Hosting Requirements

We can’t emphasise adequate or important a strong hosting provider is, that offers a cronjob option, then is geared up for WordPress yet Woocommerce. A simple shared internet hosting is somtimes no longer ample mixed along Ultimate Member and half extra add-ons.

We confer web sites are sometimes no longer accessible because a second over shared hosting platforms. We additionally confer as half server settings are not able after cope with WordPress web sites properly. These kinds over issues are not blanketed via item-support (via Envato then us). Cost on studying web hosting companies extend the revenue we accomplish over income of our plugin.

Besides that, we anticipate you want after make money with thou internet site yet that is the essential motive about Um-switcher. A neighborhood website requires secure yet speedy hosting! Your site visitors anticipate a quick loading website or wish go away thy webpage quickly condition it’s loading slowly. For a short website, a within your means web hosting may also work, for a full-blown membership you be able overlook in regard to it.

  • Hosting provides a cronjob feature.
  • Hosting equipped because WordPress, Woocommerce and Ultimate member. (See their web sites for statistics touching requirements)
  • Preferable PHP model 7 and up; php 7 is tons quicker then incomplete older versions execute hold issues.

100% Original File

All items and themes 100% original under General Public Licenses.

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