WooCommerce Deposits – Partial Payments

Last Updated: September 25, 2021
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WooCommerce Deposits is a premium WordPress and WooCommerce plugin because of dealing with half payments. Customers afford a fixed value and share above front. You do additionally pressure a deposit.

WooCommerce Deposits is fully compatible along the WooCommerce Bookingsplugin, permitting ye in accordance with acquire deposits over bookings as like properly as sordid products.


  • Accept and force deposits over products among your store.
  • New together with WooCommerce 3.0+ : Checkout color in accordance with fulfill deposits cart based totally then savings alternative button located among checkout
  • New with WooCommerce 3.0+ : Automatic e mail reminders after grant remaining volume afterward speific wide variety about days
  • Select credit type: Firm price or percentage.
  • Customers may grant the remaining quantity other by logging in.
  • Disable and allow deposits site-wide together with a odd click.
  • Disable precise charge gateways so there’s a savings in cart.
  • Display custom messages now the credit score alternative is chosen.
  • Add instant deposits beside the discipline secretary in the admin back-end.
  • Built for WooCommerce: Designed from the floor on according to job together with WooCommerce.
  • Compatible together with WooCommerce Bookings: Multiply the credit score through persons concerning you bookings or accumulate a share on the volume value.
  • Deposit reviews are available into the WooCommerce reviews panel.
  • Fully translatable: Compatible along WPML.
  • Comes pre-translated within the similar languages: Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, or Spanish.

100% Original File

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